Teacher - Kiwi Room

Hello my name is Carole

I am originally from Leicester, England. I can speak both English and Cantonese. I have two grown up sons, who both went to Preschool – so I know what it is to like leave your children in other people’s hands. I am passionate about watching children grow and develop before my eyes.

Both my boys have grown up to be fine good Policemen. My young granddaughter also attends preschool, and I feel it is very important to be able to learn your young children with trust worthy people who you know are going to look after your young children.

My hobbies are reading, walking, music and spending quality time with family and friends. Just recently I have started gardening, so I am enjoying watching that grow.

I am a Provisionally Registered teacher who studied at AUT Akoranga Drive. (Specialising in Montessori).

My philosophy is to build relationships with children, and let them explore the world. Letting children have fun is in order for them to learn!!!